Episcopal Diocese
of Fort Worth welcomes you home.
Episcopal Shield
Diocesan Shield

Executive Council

The Rt. Rev. Wallis C. Ohl,
Provisional Bishop
1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
The Rev. Christopher Jambor,
President of the Standing Committee
3rd Vice President
The Rev. James Hazel,
President of the Corporation for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth
Bruce Coggin
Fort Worth East Deanery
Dean: Fredrieka Ankele
Sherri Glaser, Sub Dean
he Rev. Susan Slaughter, Clergy Representative
Sherry Flowers, Lay Representative
Brenda Hathaway, Lay Representative
Fort Worth West Deanery
The Rev. William Stanford, Dean
Cynthia Hill, Sub Dean
The Rev. Michael Caldwell, Clergy Representative
Frances Cox, Lay Representative
Bob Hicks, Lay Representative
Northern Deanery
The Rev. John Payne, Dean
J. D. Todd, Sub Dean
The Rev. John Payne, Clergy Representative
Laurie Cruse, Lay Representative
Brent Walker, Lay Representative
Eastern Deanery
Meredith Killingsworth, Dean
Lisa Neilson, Sub Dean
Deacon Sharla Marks, Clergy Representative
Floyd McKneely, Lay Representative
Lisa Neilson, Lay Representative
Southern Deanery
The Rev. Linda Sutherland, Dean
Norm Snyder, Sub Dean
The Rev. Linda sutherland, Clergy Representative
Leslie Guinn, Lay Representative
Cissy Bramlett, Lay Representative
Western Deanery
Marti Fagley, Dean
Jill McClendon, Sub Dean
The Rev. ClayOla Gitane, Clergy Representative
Cindy Eichenberger, Lay Representative
Marti Fagley, Lay Representative
Members having seat but no vote:
The Suffragan Bishop or Bishops: none
The Assistant Bishop or Bishops: none
Non-clerical Deans