Episcopal Diocese
of Fort Worth welcomes you home.
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Altar Guild

Diocesan Directress: Marian Cole, St. Luke, Stephenville
Dabney Shires, All Saints, Fort Worth
Laurie Cruse, All Saints, Wichita Falls
Gloria Long, Christ the King, Fort Worth
Diane Batterson, Christ the King, Fort Worth
Peggy Pultorak, Good Shepherd, Granbury
Meredith Killingsworth, St. Alban's, Arlington
Damon Schleuse, St. Anne's, Fort Worth
Linda Johnson, St. Anne's, Fort Worth
Doris Gregory, St. Christopher, Fort Worth
Silvia Ringle, St. Elisabeth, Fort Worth
Aggie Stamp, St. Luke in the Meadow, Fort Worth
Linda Seeber, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Keller
Becky Musgrove, St. Mary's, Hamilton
Roberta Sloan, St. Mary's, Hamilton
Roberta Skelton, St. Mary's, Hillsboro
Edwardean Harris, St. Simon of Cyrene, Fort Worth
Susan Lowder, St. Stephen's, Hurst
Dawn Pate, St. Stephen's, Wichita Falls
Jean Wilson, Trinity, Fort Worth

Arts & Architecture

D. J. Mitchell (chair), St. Martin-in-the-Fields-Keller
Cameron Alread, St. Christopher-FW
Patti Callahan, St. Luke's in the Meadow-FW
Bruce Coggin, Trinity-FW
Stephen Darrow, Trinity-FW
Ken Monroe, St. Christopher-FW
Frank Reeves, Good Shepherd-Granbury
Frank Sherwood, All Saint's-FW
Gale Van Ackeren, Trinity-FW

Christian Education Committee (read more)

Katie Sherrod, St. Luke's in the Meadow (co-chair)
Melanie Wright, St. Alban's-Arlington (co-chair)
Zonnie Back, Good Shepherd-Granbury
Joyce Beck, St. Christopher
David Brockman, St. Luke's in the Meadow
Lauren Gough, St. Martin-in-the-Fields-Keller
Sharla Marks, St. Alban's-Arlington
Margaret Mieuli, St. Christopher-Fort Worth
Lynne Minor, All Saints-Fort Worth
Lisa Nelms, All Saints'-Fort Worth
Richard Nimz, St. Alban's-Arlington
Victoria Prescott, Episcopal Church in Parker County
Valerie Reinke, St. Martin-in-the-Fields-Keller
Diane Snow, St. Stephen's-Hurst
Thomas Squiers, St. Stephen's-Hurst
Emily Williams, Trinity-Fort Worth

Committee on Constitution & Canons (read more)

George Komechak, Trinity-FW (chair)
Secretary: Jane McClain, Trinity-FW
Bill Greenhill, All Saints-FW
Susan Hekman, St. Alban-Arlington
Bob Hicks, St. Christopher-FW
Cynthia Hill, All Saints-FW
Connie Lefler, All Saints-FW
David Madison, All Saints School-FW
Bill McKay, Good Shepherd, Granbury
William T. Stanford, St. Christopher-FW
John Stanley, Retired
Ann Tucker, St. Stephen's-Hurst
Kathleen Wells, Trinity-FW

Communications Committee (read more)

Katie Sherrod, Director of Communications, St. Luke's in the Meadow-FW (chair)
Elinor Normand, Webmaster, Trinity-FW (vice-chair)
Thomas Squiers, Social media coordinator, St. Stephen's-Hurst
Adam Wood, St. Stephen's-Hurst
Connie Marks, St. Alban's-Arlington
Slaven Manning, St. Stephen's-Hurst
Susan Kleinwechter, St. Martin-in-the-Fields-Keller
Gil Kleinwechter, St. Martin-in-the-Fields-Keller
Margaret Mieuli, St. Christopher-FW
Deb Vardell, St. Stephen's-Hurst
Jason Tardiff, St. Stephen's-Hurst
Bruce Coggin, Trinity-FW
Ex Officio: Demi Prentiss, Ministry Developer

Diocesan Health Insurance Taskforce

Jo Pierce, St. Stephen's-Hurst (convener)
Linda Manning, St. Stephen's-Hurst (co-convener)
Demi Prentiss, Ministry Developer
Courtland Moore, retired
Leigh Cariker, Trinity-FW
David Madison, All Saints Episcopal School
Lynne Waltman, All Saints'-FW
Jackie Meeks, St. Christopher/St. Simon-FW
Henry Penner, St. Martin-in-the-Fields-Keller
Christopher Thomas, St. Luke's in the Meadow-FW

Episcopal Church Women (ECW) Board (read more)

Sandy Shockley, St. Mary's-Hamilton - President and Treasurer, Province VII ECW
Marti Fagley, ECPC - Vice President
Lynne Minor, All Saints'-FW - Treasurer and Delegate to Triennial, representative to Province VII
Cynthia Hill, All Saints'-FW - Historian and Alternate Delegate to Triennial
Jackie Meeks, St. Simon's-FW - Delegate and President, Province VII ECW
Sharla Marks, St. Alban's-FW - Daughters of the King
Marion Cole, St. Luke's-Stephenville - Altar Guild Directress
Laura Adcock, All Saints'-FW - Alternate Delegate to Triennial

Finance Committee

Floyd McKneely, St. Stephens (chair)
John Banks, All Saints'-FW
Richard Chowning, All Saints'-FW
Judy Cordell, ECPC
Malcolm Cross, St. Luke's-Stephenville
Tony Hiatt, Trinity-FW
Bob Hicks, Treasurer, St. Christopher, FW West Deanery Rep
Reuel Jentgen, St. Alban's-Arlington, Eastern Deanery Rep
David Lowder, St. Stephen's-Hurst
Jane McClain, Trinity-FW
Slaven Manning, St. Stephen's-Hurst
Jackie Meeks, St. Simon of Cyrene, FW East Deanery Rep
Cherie Shipp, Trinity
Gretchen Smith, All Saints-FW
Dick Van Gorder, All Saints-FW>br /> Brent Walker, St. Stephen's-Wichita Falls
Kathleen Wells, Trinity-FW

InReach Committee (suggested reading)
Amy Haynie, St. Martin-in-the-fields-Keller (convener)
ClayOla Gitane, ECPC
Jim Hazel, retired
Bob Hicks, St. Christopher-FW
Mo Lewis, retired
Connie Marks, St. Alban's-Arlington
Sam McLain, retired
Margaret Mieuli, St. Christopher-FW
Elinor Normand, Trinity-FW
Gayland Pool, retired
Demi Prentiss, Diocesan Office
Katie Sherrod, St. Luke's in the Meadow-FW
Cherie Shipp, Trinity-FW
Norm Snyder, Good Shepherd-Granbury
Kathleen Wells, Trinity-FW
Dana Wilson, ECPC
Melanie Wright, St. Alban's-Arlington
Policy Committee

John Promise, St. Alban-Arlington (chair)
John Banks, All Saints-Fort Worth
Jim Hazel, Retired
Robert Hicks, St. Christopher-Fort Worth
Norm Snyder, Church of the Good Shepherd-Granbury
John Stanley, Retired

Risk Management Committee
Trustees of the corporation

C. Wallis Ohl, Provisional Bishop (Chairman)
Robert M. Bass
James Hazel
Cherie Shipp
John Stanley
Trace Worrell

Youth Council

David Carpenter, St. Luke in the Meadow-FW
ClayOla Gitane, ECPC
Amy Haynie, St. Martin-in-the-Fields
Rob Huttmeyer, St. Stephen's-Hurst
Andrew Lee, St. Christopher-FW
Katherine Lee, St. Christopher-FW
Luci Pritchard, All Saints'-FW
Bill Stanford, St. Christopher-FW
Nicky Wood, St. Stephen's-Hurst

Do you feel called to a ministry of service on one of these committees? Contact the Diocesan Office.