Episcopal Diocese
of Fort Worth welcomes you home.
Episcopal Shield
Diocesan Shield

Executive Council

Rayford High,
Provisional Bishop

1st Vice President

2nd Vice President
Marti Fagley,
President of the Standing Committee

3rd Vice President
James Hazel,
President of the Corporation for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

Bruce Coggin (2013)*

Bob Hicks (2013)*

Fort Worth East Deanery
(Member churches: Iglesia San Juan Apostol, Iglesia San Miguel, St. Andrew's, St. John's, St. Luke-in-the-Meadow, St. Simon, St. Timothy)

Spencer Mabry, Dean (2013)*
Becky Snell, Sub Dean (2013)*
Sharla Marks, Clergy Representative (2014)
Phyllis Bess, Lay Representative (2015)
Reuel Jentgen, Lay Representative (2013)

Fort Worth West Deanery
(Member churches: All Saints', Christ the King, Church of the Holy Apostles, St. Anne's, St. Christopher, St. Elisabeth's, Trinity)
Chris Jambor, Dean (2013)*
Cynthia Hill, Sub Dean (2013)*
Janet Nocher, Sam McClain (2015)
Cherie Shipp, Lay Representative (2014)
Bob Hicks, Lay Representative (2013)

Northern Deanery
(Member churches: Bowie-St. Patrick, Bridgeport-Ascension/St. Mark, Burkburnet-St. John the Divine, Gainesville-St. Paul's, Henrietta-Trinity, Jacksboro-St. Thomas the Apostle, Wichita Falls-All Saints', St. Stephen's, Good Shepherd)

Marie Libby, Dean (2013)*
J. D. Todd, Sub Dean (2013)*
John Payne, Clergy Representative (2013)
Marsha van Etten DeChant, Lay Representative (2014)
Brent Walker, Lay Representative (2015)

Eastern Deanery
(Member churches: Arlington-St. Alban's, St. Mark's, St. Peter & Paul, St. Philip, Bedford-St. Vincent's, Fort Worth-St. Barnabas, Grand Prairie-St. Andrew's, St. Joseph, Hurst-St. Stephen's, Mansfield-St. Gregory, Richland Hills-St. Michael's, Southlake-St. Laurence, St. Martin-in-the-fields)

Spencer Mabry, Dean (2012)*
Meredith Killingsworth, Sub Dean (2012)*
Deacon Sharla Marks, Clergy Representative (2014)
Reuel Jentgen, Lay Representative (2013)
Lisa Neilson, Lay Representative (2012)

Southern Deanery
(Member churches: Alvarado-St. Anthony of Padua, Brownwood-Good Shepherd, St. John's, Cleburne-Holy Comforter, Comanche-St. Matthew's, Dublin-Trinity, Eastland-Holy Trinity, Granbury-Good Shepherd, Hamilton-St. Mary's, Hillsboro-St. Mary's, Hubbard-St. Alban's, Laguna Park-Our Lady of the Lake, Stephenville-St. Luke's)

Curt Norman, Dean (2013)*
Norm Snyder, Sub Dean (2013)*
Clergy Representative - VACANT
Jane Dennis, Lay Representative (2013)
Joe Christopher, Lay Representative (2014)

Western Deanery
(Member churches: Breckenridge-St. Andrew's, Graham-Holy Spirit, Mineral Wells-St. Luke's, PK Lake-St. Peter-by-the-Lake, Weatherford-All Saints', Willow Park-St. Francis of Assisi)

Louis Eichenberger, Dean (2012)*
Sub Dean - VACANT
ClayOla Gitane, Clergy Representative (2014)
Judy Cordell, Lay Representative (2013)
Marti Fagley, Lay Representative (2015)

Resources to Executive Council with neither voice nor vote:

**Finance Cte Chair
**Ministry Developer

Kathleen Wells (2013)
Katie Sherrod
Floyd McNeeley
Demi Prentiss


*Members having seat and voice but no vote
**No voice and no vote