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Judge Chupp Resets Supersedeas Hearing for May 19, Orders Discovery

On April 28, Judge John P. Chupp granted in part the Local Episcopal Parties' Motion to Continue and for Additional Protection and reset the hearing on the Defendants' Motion to Set Supersedeas and the Local Episcopal Parties' Motion for Additional Protection for May 19, 2011.

Because the hearing has been continued for a date after May 5, he also, with agreement of the Episcopal parties, stayed (suspended) until further order the effective date of the permanent injunctions included in the February 8, 2011 summary judgment order, which prohibits the Defendants from holding themselves out as the leaders of the Diocese and requires them to surrender control of the Diocesan property and of the Corporation.

The Court also ordered the Defendants to produce Jane Parrott, Director of Business and Finance for the Iker-led diocese, for deposition on facts related to the motions listed above. Those facts include the rental value of the real property, the value of the personal property, whether the Iker-led diocese has dissipated, transferred, or encumbered property during the litigation, and whether the Iker-led diocese has any other sources of funds available to it, including donations and Legal Defense Funds, to use to post a supersedeas bond required by the Court.

At the hearing, the Southern Cone Defendants stated on the record that they were abandoning their contention that the substantial church property currently in their possession had a zero dollar ($ 0) rental value.

A summary of the arguments presented on April 28 by the Episcopal Parties is HERE.

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