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Diocesan Shield

Episcopal Parties Make Final Filings in Preparation for January 14 Hearings

On Tuesday, January 11, 2011, in preparation for the upcoming hearings in the 141st District Court of Tarrant County, the Episcopal Parties filed various responses and objections to the filings of the Southern Cone parties. The following motions are set for hearing on Friday, January 14: Episcopal and Southern Cone competing motions for summary judgment, Episcopal Congregationsí motion for continuance, Bishop Ohlís motion to compel production of documents, and Episcopal Rule 12 motions challenging the authority of the attorneys for the Southern Cone parties who claim to be the historical Diocese, the Diocesan Corporation, and various Parishes and Missions of the Diocese. Included are:

  • The Churchís Reply in Support of Its Motion for Summary Judgment;
  • The Local Episcopal Partiesí Reply in Support of their Amended Motion for Partial Summary Judgment;
  • The Episcopal Partiesí Response to the Defendantsí Objections to Plaintiffsí Summary Judgment Motions and Evidence;
  • The Episcopal Partiesí Objections to the Defendantsí Supplemental Appendix and Evidence Attached to Response; and
  • [The Local Episcopal Partiesí and Episcopal Congregationsí] Response to [Defendantsí] Motion to Quash Rule 12 Motions.

These documents rebut the arguments made by the Southern Cone parties to the Episcopal Partiesí motions for summary judgment and directly challenge the legal authority and evidence offered by the Southern Cone parties in their responses.