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Triennial budget process begins

Faith is not necessarily trusting that God will provide more, rather it is the firm conviction that God will provide all that is needed to accomplish what God is calling the diocese to perform. If the diocese follows the leadership of God, it will have all the needed finances, no matter how small the budget may seem to be.

Over the last three years, the diocesan budget has been developed on a yearly basis. This year, the Executive Council has asked the Finance Committee to develop a triennial budget for the next three years (2013-2015). A triennial budget is consistent with the approach used by the national church and many dioceses. It involves developing a budget for each year that can grow and change over the three year period with the goals, priorities, and planning for each area of ministry in the diocese. This is a significant and challenging task for the whole diocese, and is an opportunity for everyone to get involved. If you have not already started your planning, the process begins now.

The first step is for each ministry to begin planning for the next three years; identify your goals and priorities, and set out a plan for accomplishing them. Review what has been done over the last three years; what has been successful and why; how can you improve; who needs to be involved, and what is still needed to be done. How can the diocese support the ministry of congregations? Is there a particular ministry that needs to be started? While the plan should take into account the financial resources of the diocese, plan what God leads you to do.

The next step is for each ministry to formulate a three year budget for your plan. The first year will be more specific than the second year, which will be more specific than the third year. There will be opportunities to revise the budgets from year to year. The target for completing your plan and submitting your budget request is July 31. Do not wait, please start now, and submit your budget request as soon as possible. Revisions can be made as late as August 31.

The form, "Budget Request 2013-2015 Triennial Budget," HERE should be used to submit your plan and budgets. The form and/or questions should be sent to diocesan treasurer Bob Hicks at He will coordinate your requests with the Triennial Budget Process Team and the Finance Committee.

A member of the Triennial Budget Process Team will be in contact with each ministry during this process to ensure that progress is being made and to provide assistance when needed. The Team will review the Budget Request for completeness, assemble the triennial budget for the Finance Committee, and work with each ministry to resolves any questions raised by the Finance Committee. As the triennial budget is developed, it will be posted on the diocesan website.

The Finance Committee will submit a draft triennial budget to the Executive Council at its May meeting. The final draft triennial budget will be presented to each deanery at their August meeting. The proposed triennial budget will be presented to the Executive Council in September for its approval and recommendation to the Diocesan Convention November 2 and 3.