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Report of Diocesan Executive Council meeting Saturday, March 12, 2011

exec councilThe Executive Council of Diocese of Fort Worth met Saturday, March 12, 2011 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth. All Executive Council meetings are open to all interested people.

In his bishop’s report, Bishop Wallis Ohl:

  • Moved and the council approved a change of dates for the 29th Annual Diocesan Convention from November 4, 5 to November 18, 19. The convention will be at the new Hurst Conference Center at 1601 Campus Drive in Hurst. Information about the conference center is here.
  • Announced that the response to his challenge to raise $11,000 by Ash Wednesday had nearly quadrupled that goal, with donations and pledges totaling $36,000. He also asked that all parishes offer prayers for the people of Japan and the Anglican Church in Japan [Nippon Sei Ko Kai] and its primate, Archbishop Nathaniel Uematsu as they deal with the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. Bishop Ohl has known Archbishop Uematsu since he was a postulant in Oklahoma.
  • Announced that Amy Haynie of St. Martin in the Fields in Keller will be ordained to the transitional diaconate at 7 p.m. on May 25 at St. Martin’s.
  • Reminded everyone that responses to the proposed Anglican Covenant Study are due by Easter and urged those parishes that have not yet begun their study to do so.

Jim Hazel, president of the Diocesan Corporation, gave a report on the process of visiting property which has been in the hands of the Southern Cone diocese since November 2008. The statement issued by Bishop Ted Gulick, Bishop Wallis Ohl, members of the Corporation Board, Standing Committee, and Endowment Fund Board, and Chancellor (the "Local Episcopal Parties") can be read here.  Hazel emphasized that they are making a point of referring to these as "visits" rather than "inspections."

Hazel also is the chair of the Policies Committee, which recommended and the council voted to adopt a policy on contracts, a policy on the use of diocesan credit cards and a policy on procurement. The diocesan policies adopted to date can be see here.  The "policy on policies" states that "Within ten (10) days of adoption, the diocesan office will post a notice of the approved policy, and its availability on the diocesan website, place a paper copy in the diocesan office, and send a digital copy by email to the appropriate officials most directly affected by the policy change. For those officials who do not use email or cannot receive email, a paper copy of the policy will be mailed to them, upon their request."

Diocesan treasurer Bob Hicks reported on the budget to date, saying "The diocese is healthy financially. The money is in the bank. We are able to pay the bills when due. We are able to take advantage of opportunities that were not necessarily in the plans when the budget was prepared. That was the case in February. For a short while, our expenses exceeded our income. But we had a great visit with the presiding bishop and The Episcopal Church Executive Council; we were able to send additional folks to Living Stones in Des Moines; and we were able to send Endowment Trustees to the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes in Chicago. We would not be able to do that if we were not healthy financially. We are a growing, maturing diocese. As a result, we are spending at a faster rate than at this time last year. It is important that congregations submit their assessments timely by the 20th of the month. Thanks to everyone for your continuous participation and stewardship in support of the ministries we share throughout the diocese and beyond."

Hicks also reminded people that the budget process for 2012 will begin in April.

A list of upcoming events was announced:

  • April deanery meetings to elect nominating committee representatives for 2011 convention (1 lay, 1 clergy)
  • Clergy conferences April 6-8 and October 3-5
  • Diocesan Picnic and Eucharist May 15 at St. Martin-in-the-Fields and October 16, location TBA
  • The Episcopal Network for Stewardship [TENS] Regional Conference – June 1,2 preconference; June 3,4 conference, Camp Allen
  • Episcopal Youth Event [EYE] June 22-26, St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Dates for future Executive Council meetings – May 14, St. Elisabeth’s Episcopal Church, Fort Worth; September 10, December 2-3 [Retreat]; and January 29, 2012.

The meeting was adjourned. The Executive Council was then joined by members of the Standing Committee, the board for the Endowment of the Episcopate, and the Diocesan Corporation for a Visioning Workshop led by Joe Synan, founder of Leadingwell Associates, a "consulting practice dedicated to strengthening leaders and teams." See story here.

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