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Become an organ donor

Have you ever thought about being an organ donor? Right now, there are more than 79,000 US citizens waiting for an organ transplant that will save their life. The need is acute throughout the United States as well as here in Texas.

As some of you may know, I am a chaplain for the Baylor Hospital System. Being in the hospital frequently exposes me to the latest developments in medical treatments. One of the newest and most exciting developments to come along in years at Baylor Hospitals is the Paired Kidney Donor (PKD) Program.

It used to be that if anyone needed a kidney transplant they had to find someone to donate a kidney to them that was a perfect match. The exciting news is Baylorís new PKD Program; if anyone is willing to donate a kidney for someone in need, their kidney does not have to match the person they are donating for!

Donating a kidney is one of the ways to put the intended person on the transplant list. Then, if another person donates a kidney that is compatible, the person you have donated for can have that kidney. If your kidney does not match, it will go to someone else, but what you have done is to make sure the person you are donating for is on the transplant list and in position for this life-saving procedure. This is a very exciting program! People can live a full life with just one kidney.

Yes, a recipient can wait for someone to die, but of course there has to be a match. Another vital consideration is how long potential recipients might have to wait, and we all know that in the meantime, their health might become further compromised.

There is at least one Episcopalian in need of a kidney in the Diocese of Fort Worth. If anyone were to donate a kidney in that person's name, that person would be eligible to receive a kidney as soon as a match is found.

More information can be found on the Baylor web site at Please feel free to contact me about this program. Please think about this and pray about it and consider becoming a living donor. You can save someoneís life.

Thank you for your consideration.
Deacon Janet Nocher