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Crow Elementary School Winners of St. Alban's Scholarships to TCC's "College for Kids"

St. Alban's Episcopal Church, with cooperation of the Crow Elementary School principal and teachers, has awarded four scholarships to selected children for Tarrant County College's "College for Kids" program this summer. Children were identified who are high potential and have good grades, and they were asked to write an essay about why they want to attend the TCC program. On the basis of their essays, four children were selected to receive scholarships for four classes of their choosing in a half-day program for a three-week session.

A special thank you to Jeph Abera and his walk/run race program which funds the St. Alban's scholarships for high-potential children.

Here are excerpts of the winning essays, complete with misspellings:

Logan, 2nd grader – signed up for Spanish, Legos, swimming, and astronomy
"I would like to go here (TCC) because I think it will be very cool and fun to learn new stuff for my mom. I would like to take maybe the lego class because I like to play with legos a lot."

Katelyn, 5th grader – signed up for ceramics, Spanish, astronomy, and piano
"I would love to be in your program because I would love to learn new things and do new things. When I first heard about it I was like count me in. And when I graduate from high school I'll know what kind of collage I want. And I can teach my sisters and brothers what I learn. I really want to be in your program…My dream is to see what inside college looks like. I bet it looks cool."

Ranger, 5th grader
"…the reason I want to take the collage classes is that I think some of the classes will help me with my job… I think they will also help me graduate collage and give me a better under standing of the things I will learn at school. The classes I want to take are astronomy or computer graphics. The reason I want to take astronomy is that I would love to learn more about space."

Jacqueline, 4th grade
"I would like to go to this summer program because I want to learn new things like learn how to play the piano. It all seems very exciting and fun. My parents think it would be good for me because I would be able to meet new people and be occupied during the summer. They also think it is an opportunity we shouldn't pass by because you will only pick 4 kids our of my GT and I would like to spend time with new people and also my parents don't have the money to pay for this and my mom says I deserve to have fun for a while. THANK YOU!"