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Notes from May, 2011 Executive Council Meeting

On May 14,2011, the Diocesan Executive Council met at St. Elisabeth's Episcopal Church. Bishop Wallis Ohl, council members, staff and guests were greeted by the Rev. Jim Horton, vicar. Lunch was provided by women of St. Elisabeth's.

The bishop announced that the 2012 Diocesan Convention would be Nov. 2-3 in Stephenville at Tarleton State University, with St. Luke's Episcopal Church of Stephenville and the Southern Deanery as hosts. He also announced that Amy Haynie (ordained deacon on May 25) has been hired as the Inreach Coordinator to coordinate reconciliation efforts.

The bishop also announced that Joan McCauley, secretary for the diocese and St. Christopher, has resigned, as has Linda Johnson, diocesan bookkeeper. He said that he and Demi Prentiss were looking at temporary space to use as diocesan offices, moving them out of St. Christopher.

In other announcements, the bishop said he has appointed Sharla Marks, Cynthia Hill, Susan Slaughter, Sandy Shockley, Sharon Whitfield, Whitney Harwell, and Mark Daily to a mission and outreach body; the Rev. Melanie Barbarito is preparing a report on the disposition of General Convention 2009 resolutions referred to diocese; the bishop will, in mid-June, represent the diocese at the Niobrara Convocation and at the Episcopal Youth Event (in St. Paul, Minnesota).

Youth Council member ClayOla Gitane reported that seventeen young people from the diocese will attend the Episcopal Youth Event. The Youth Council has scheduled a Fall Rally September 24, 2011 and also is also organizing a network of youth ministers who will meet the first time June 6, 2011, place and time to be announced. The Youth Council leadership will meet next June 29, 2011.

Margaret Mieuli, president of the Standing Committee, announced the members of the Nominating Committee have been named. Chosen by the individual deaneries are Sandy Shockley (L) and Curt Norman (C) of the Southern Deanery; Lanette Carpenter (L) and Lauren Gough (C) of the Eastern Deanery; Cynthia Eichenberger (L) and Dana Wilson (C) of the Western Deanery; Lynne Minor (L) and Michael Caldwell (C) of the FW West Deanery; Anne Clements (L) and Susan Slaughter (C) of the FW East Deanery; and J.D. Todd (L) of the Northern Deanery. Appointed by the Standing Committee are Ed Barnett (C), chair; Jackie Meeks (L) of the FW East Deanery; Bill Stanford (C) of FW West Deanery; and Marsha McClean (L), of the FW East Deanery.

Diocesan Corporation President Jim Hazel reported that the corporation recommends refunding the revolving loan fund to cover parochial needs. St. Stephen, Wichita Falls, for example, needs to replace a roof and remove skylights. The council voted to fund the revolving loan fund by moving $30,000.00 from reserve funds. The council also agree to consent by e-mail when St. Stephen's bid information is complete so that the corporation can approve the loan.

Diocesan Chancellor Kathleen Wells gave an update on the litigation, noting that most actions are stayed, pending the appeal.

Diocesan Treasurer Bob Hicks and Finance Committee Chair Floyd McKneely led discussions of the status of the current budget and of the process for creating the budget for 2012. Hicks identified the need for budget provisions at the diocesan, not parochial, level for the pensions of clergy who work across congregations; and reported funds budgeted in building operations available for office space and equipment, should the Council require it.