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2012 Budget Process begins

Scripture says where your treasure is, there also is your heart. A diocesan budget is more than a list of figures. It is an outline of our priorities as a group of Christians who, as Episcopalians, organize ourselves locally around a bishop and a diocese.

It is now time to begin work on developing the 2012 budget. This is a task for the whole diocese, not just the Finance Committee. That is why the process begins so early -- it is to provide everyone in the Diocese an opportunity to get involved.

So what does this mean for you? It is important that ministries and programs begin defining their plans and budget needs for 2012. Over the next three months the Finance Committee will be working with and collecting information from the Diocesan Office, the deaneries, and various ministries, commissions and committees.

However, do not wait for the Finance Committee to contact you. You can begin this work on your own now.

The 2012 budget worksheet shows the actual income and expenses through May 31, explanation for some expenses, and the current 2011 budget. The anticipated revenues and some expenses for 2012 already have been entered. Your assistance is needed to fill in the other details for your area of responsibility.

The form, Application for Funds 2012 Budget should be used to submit your budget plans and cost information. The form and/or questions should be sent to diocesan treasurer Bob Hicks at

This is a completely transparent process. As the budget is developed, drafts will be posted on the Diocesan website. The final draft 2012 budget will be presented at the August deanery meetings. The proposed 2012 budget will be presented to the Executive Council in September for its approval and recommendation to the Diocesan Convention November 18 and 19.