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Nominating Committee Report 1

The Nominating Committee (NC) for the Diocese of Fort Worth Annual Convention is created every year by each Deanery providing one lay and one clergy member, and by the Standing Committee providing two lay and two clergy members as prescribed by Canon 45. This NC is charged with providing candidates who meet the eligibility requirements and are willing to stand for election to serve the required duties and term of the office elected. The appointed chair is the Rev. Edwin Barnett, and the elected secretary is Ms. Anne Clement of St. Luke’s in the Meadow.

The NC is responsible only for providing eligible candidates for 16 positions (listed to the right). The bishop is responsible for nominating and appointing 35 to 43 positions. The canons provide that the Nominations Committee may make advisory nominations to those posts.

In June, the Nominating Committee members were organized into teams of two for the purpose of visiting each of the active parishes/missions of the diocese during the month of July. In those visits, all clergy and wardens will be asked to provide suggestions of names for people who might be good candidates to fill the open seats of several committees, boards, and representation from the diocese. People from diocesan institutions or individuals wanting to nominate individuals are advised to contact the NC secretary, Anne Clement, or the NC chair, Edwin Barnett. (See contact list below.)

Open Positions to be filled are:
Disciplinary Board, 1-lay, 1-clergy
University of the South Trustee, 1-clergy
Alternative Reps to General Convention, 4-lay, 4-clergy
Standing Committee, 1-lay, 1-clergy

The requirements to serve are:
1. At least 18 years of age,
2. Must meet qualifications to hold that office,
3. Must acknowledge fiduciary duty under ECUSA Canon I.17.8, and
4. Pledge faithful performance of duties according to ECUSA Canons.

Laity – must be an adult communicant in good standing of a parish/mission within the Diocese of Ft. Worth.

Clergy – must be canonically resident in the Diocese of Ft. Worth.

In August the NC will continue the work of vetting the suggested names for qualifications and willingness to stand for election. A report of process and progress will be submitted to the Executive Committee early in September, and final report is to be submitted to the Convention Secretary early in October to allow sufficient time for publication and dissemination of ballots. Therefore no suggestions will be accepted after October 1 in order to allow time for compiling, vetting, reporting, and publishing the names so to have them available for the pre-Convention deanery meetings. Anyone wishing to suggest a name after the cutoff will be instructed on how to submit nominations from the floor of convention.


Mr. J D Todd (North)

The Rev. Curt Norman (South)

Ms. Sandy Shockley (South)

The Rev. Lauren Gough (East)
c) 607-341-0800
h) 817-232-1792

Ms. Lanette Carpenter (East)

The Rev. Dana Wilson (West)

Ms. Cynthia Eichenberger (West)

The Rev. Michael Caldwell (FW West)

Ms. Lynne Minor (FW West)
h) 682-429-7763

The Rev. Susan Slaughter (FW East)
o) 817-534-4925
c) 817-689-7077

Ms. Marsha McClean (Standing Committee)

The Rev. Bill Stanford (Standing Committee)
o) 817-926-8277

Ms. Jackie Meeks (Standing Committee)


The Rev. Edwin Barnett (Chair)
h) 817-367-1878

Ms. Anne Clements (Secretary)
h) 817-989-8405