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A letter from the Mission and Outreach Committee

Dear Outreach Committee Chairmen,

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth budget for 2011 contains money available for outreach programs for the individual churches. There are two categories:

  • Outreach Beyond the Diocese Impact Program- for special outreach needs beyond the geographical boundaries of the Diocese. Funding available for this category is currently $5943.
  • Outreach Impact Program - for outreach within the Diocese, known as the Matching Grant Outreach Program. These funds are to be used to match or provide seed money for congregations to fund or undertake an outreach need that they could not do on their own. The Matching Grant Outreach Program currently has $8337.

For the first time, a diocesan-wide committee, the Mission and Outreach Committee, has been established to help administer these funds. In order to fairly allocate these funds to the most needed programs, we have established a link to an application form. Click on the gray button on the right hand side of the page labeled "Outreach Grant Request Form."

The form will go to this committee. We will review the requests and send recommendations to the diocesan Finance Committee. Bob Hicks, the diocesan treasurer, will cut the checks directly to the approved programs. The funds currently available must be used by December 31st. Due to the late start in establishing this committee, we have set a deadline of October 1st to get your requests into us. The committee plans to meet within the first two weeks of October. We expect checks to start going out soon after the committee approves the grants. We hope to have the process streamlined for 2012 so we will be able to administer the funds on a more timely basis.

Once you’ve seen our link, please let us know if you have any comments or questions. Committee contact information is below. Thanks.

Mark Daly, Chairman

Cynthia HillAll Saints FW cadhill@earthlink.net817-235-4450
Susan SlaughterSt. Luke-in-the-Meadow FW sslaughter22@att.net817-689-7077
Sandy ShockleySt. Mary Hamilton (Exec Council) dshock9510@aol.com254-784-0358
Sharon WhitfieldSt. Christopher FW whitfieldsharon4@gmail.com817-907-5097
Whitney HarwellTrinity-FW glenn_whitney@sbcglobal.net817-874-7697
Mark DalySt. Stephen's Hurst mark.daly@tx.rr.com817-939-9698

Outreach Grant Request Form