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A Note from the Commission on Diocesan Structure

After a year studying "best practices" in other dioceses, members of the Commission on Diocesan Structure visited in very nearly every congregation in the diocese in August and September to ask you to help us think our way forwardóand you gave us lots of good help!

With you, we hope to improve certain working bodies within the diocese to promote participatory, transparent, accountable decision making that enables all four ordersólaity, deacons, priests, bishopsóto take the fullest possible and appropriate share in our common mission and ministry. Your reactions and reflections, your insights, indeed your criticism, greatly improved our own decisions.

We will offer to the 29th annual diocesan convention in November four resolutions based on our findings in seventeen other dioceses and our consultation with you. In them we ask the convention

  • to let us work another year.
  • to create a new permanent body tasked with monitoring the way our working groupsócommittees, commissions, so onófunction.
  • to urge a program of education throughout the diocese to help us all understand the ins and outs of day-by-day operations, the way Episcopalians here and elsewhere organize for mission and ministry.
  • to redefine the role of the Department of Communications to assure a free flow of information among congregations, diocesan agencies, the diocesan staff, and the wider church.

We hope to see many of you at the convention, and we look forward to continuing our work together next year. Thanks again for your participation so far. Keep us in your prayers, and give God the glory.

Price Hulsey, Chair, Trinity-FW
Bruce Coggin, Priest Retired - Clerk
Richard Chowning, All Saints-FW
Frances Cox, Trinity-FW
Robert Hicks, St. Christopher-FW
Mo Lewis, Priest Retired
Bill McKay, Good Shepherd-Granbury
Henry Penner, St. Martin-Keller
John Promise, St. Alban-Arlington
Andy Singleton, Trinity-FW
Gretchen Smith, All Saints-FW
Demi Prentiss, ex officio
Margaret Mieuli, ex officio
Russell Scalpone, consultant