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  The Circuit Rider, a publication of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth
January 2012• Volume 2, No. 1

The Circuit Rider rides again

Welcome to the third edition of The Circuit Rider, so christened by Bruce Coggin, long time priest of the diocese. The name resonated with Elinor Normand and me, especially after he shared the story of the Rev. W. W. Patrick, this diocese’s own circuit rider. You can read Patrick’s story in the September 2011 issue on the diocesan web site.

In this edition you will find many opportunities to join others in ministry or to develop your own. And if there is something you want to see in future issues, please let me know.

For a printable version of this newsletter, click on the "printable version" link at the top right of this page. Our hope is that parishes will download it and print it out for those members of their parishes that do not have email or Internet access. 

Katie Sherrod
Director of Communication







Photograph above by Lefty Brandon


In this issue:

The Bishop's challenge
As a new year approaches, Bishop Wallis Ohl has issued a challenge to the diocese: Let's raise up 100 Episcopalians to take part in the MLK Day of Service ...   (read more)

Looking back, looking forward
Advent, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are natural occasions on which to take time to reflect, take stock and get ready to move forward. The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth ...  (read more)

Hope Café - What happens now?
The theme for the 29th Diocesan Convention was "Building Up Hope." Attendees rated the Hope Café event as one of the highlights of convention. This was an interactive event ... (read more)

Opportunities for ministry, spiritual development, fellowship in the new year
A good thing to do as the new year begins is to update calendars with all the opportunities popping up ... (read more)

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