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  February, 2012      

The Episcopal Diocese
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Rt. Rev. C. Wallis Ohl, Bishop

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Good News!

  • Who from your congregation will be attending "Stewards by Design"?
    The Feb. 17-18 stewardship workshop will be held at Trinity Church, Fort Worth, and will offer transformational stewardship resources. The workshop is designed for clergy and lay leaders who want to develop high-commitment congregations. Read more . . .

  • January annual meetings tap new leaders Celebrations are in order, as vestries reorganize and incorporate new members, and delegates are selected for the 2012 diocesan convention in Stephenville (Nov. 2 & 3). And one of our congregations, St. Andrew's Fort Worth, is welcoming Edwin Barnett as their newly appointed priest-in-charge. With all this renewal going on, it’s time for congregations to develop or re-examine the expectations of leadership positions. Read more . . .

  • Without a vision, the people perish – Proverbs 29:18
    In their role as leadership for the diocese, our executive council is working to craft a vision statement for the diocese. They have taken advantage of groundwork laid during the past year. Read more . . .
  • Make ERD Sunday Feb. 26 part of your Lenten discipline
    Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) Sunday offers our congregations an opportunity to look beyond the borders of the diocese, supporting relief work and development projects around the world, in cooperation with the provinces of the Anglican Communion. The Diocese of Fort Worth has been recognized by ERD for its consistently outstanding generosity in support of the fund. How can your congregation participate? Read more. . .
  • The diocesan office will be moving to St. Luke in the Meadow The diocesan office has made its home at St. Christopher Fort Worth for nearly three years, benefiting from the radical hospitality and generous support offered by that congregation. But now that more space is needed, the office will be moving during March to the newly remodeled education building at St. Luke in the Meadow, 4301 Meadowbrook Dr., Fort Worth 76103. Read more . . .
  • Spotlight on Congregations What has the diocese and the larger church done for your congregation lately? Come to the stewardship workshop Feb. 17 & 18 (see above) and find out! Or ask one of the congregation leaders who attended the January workshop on mandatory health insurance for qualifying lay employees. (Materials available from the diocesan office.)

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