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Holy Saturday Vigil



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Good News!
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  • New fire kindled at Easter Vigil
    Each year, the kindling of the new fire on Easter Eve reminds us that, once again and forever, God is doing a new thing. Over and over, against all odds, God brings forth light out of darkness, hope out of exhaustion, life out of death. Our challenge is to see the new things being birthed all around us. "Now it springs forth: do you not perceive it?" (Isaiah 43:19) Are we ready to serve as midwives to the work of the Spirit? How do we partner with God in nurturing the new life – in our communities, in our congregations, in our hearts? As we celebrate the Great 50 Days of Easter (25 percent longer than Lent!) may we choose to participate – actively and intentionally – in the transformations the Spirit is bringing.

  • Great resources are available for Christian formation for all ages
    Need inspiration or direction for your congregation’s Christian education offerings? Looking for advice or experienced feedback about a class you’re working on? Stumped for resources? Forma (formerly known as NAECED – the National Association of Episcopal Christian Education Directors) has transformative teaching tools available for classes – children and youth and adults, short courses and vacation church school and long courses. Read more . . .
  • Young adults are vital in the Episcopal Church
    From the Young Adult Festival for 18- to 30-year-olds at General Convention, to internships, to campus ministries – young adults are re-shaping the Episcopal Church. Want to go to the Young Adult Festival July 5-10 but don’t have the funds? Read more . . .
  • Meetup builds St. Stephen's groups
    by Rob Huttmeyer
    About six months ago, St. Stephen’s Hurst decided to start a small group ministry for the community, based on interest groups. Two different groups – a book club and a diabetes support group – have been meeting regularly. The problem was that a person either had to go to St. Stephen’s or know somebody from St. Stephen’s in order to find out about these groups. Read more. . .
  • You're invited to Dwell in the Word
    Experience a tested process for deep listening to God, one another, and your neighbor. Live into a Bible passage over time and see how it shapes your imagination and vision for God’s mission through your church. Learn what happens to persons and churches who practice this habit. How? Read more . . .
  • Communications consultation offered to congregations
    Did you know your congregation can receive a free, on-site communications consult, including a survey of your current communications landscape, and development of a communications plan that meets your needs? Your diocesan Communications Committee (a.k.a. "the Geek Group") wants to come to your congregation, to work with the people in your congregation who are passionate about communications. Read more . . .
  • Spotlight on Congregations
    What has the diocese and the larger church done for your congregation lately? Do you know that the Office of Research at The Episcopal Church Center has produced demographic profiles for all our congregations? Why would that matter? Those profiles are available to each congregation, to use in church development, planning, and growth. And the Mission InSite materials that accompany the profiles offer strategies for leadership, worship, curriculum, outreach, and welcoming practices tailored to the needs of the community. Want to know more? Call the diocesan office – 817-534-1900.


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