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  May, 2012      

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  • Pentecost is coming – May 27
    On that long-ago Pentecost day, the wind of the Spirit invaded the room where the disciples were staying, and Jesus’ followers were driven out into the streets, proclaiming the Good News. Eric Law, founder of Kaleidoscope Institute, reminds us that the scripture is unclear whether the miracle of Pentecost occurred in the ears of the hearers or in the tongues of the speakers. Or both? Law urges the powerful in the world to experience the miracle of the ear, to become compassionate listeners, and the not-powerful in the world to experience the miracle of the tongue, to become fearless speakers of Good News. May we, the bearers of Good News, be given the wisdom and the courage to engage both framings of the Pentecost miracle. May the communities around us experience Good News through our congregations.
  • St. Alban’s wows national audience at "Buildings for a New Tomorrow"
    Walt Cabe and Melanie Wright from St. Alban’s Arlington recently teamed with Mark Hall, retired canon to the ordinary for the Diocese of San Joaquin, in presenting "Phoenix, Rising," a workshop on reinventing church with people but no buildings. The St. Alban’s presentation focused on "Preparing for the Wilderness," "Life in the Congregation," and "What’s Ahead," emphasizing the ways in which St. Alban’s has worked to re-present Christ in the community with minimal dependence on buildings. Read more . . .
  • Audit workshop designed to assist congregations
    Are you wondering how your congregation can possibly manage an audit by Sept. 1? You’re invited to attend – in person or online – a workshop aimed at de-mystifying the audit process for your congregation, to be led by Bob Biehl, diocesan treasurer for the Diocese of Texas. Read more . . .
  • Your congregation can be greener
    Did you know that houses of worship are notoriously inefficient in terms of energy use? But there are lots of steps that can be taken to lower your congregation’s energy footprint and utility bills. Read more . . .
  • Spotlight on Congregations What has the larger church done for your congregation lately? Do you know that Church Insurance now offers foreign travel liability coverage for Episcopal groups traveling outside the United States? Stateside insurance policies do not provide overseas coverage. This new service is designed to fill the coverage gaps at an economical price – less than $10 per day per person. For congregations considering a foreign mission trip, this is an important new service.

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