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  October, 2011      

The Episcopal Diocese
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Rt. Rev. C. Wallis Ohl, Bishop

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Good News!

  • Sign ups are still open for conversations with Tom Brackett - Oct. 7 & 8 and beyond..."
    Come to Trinity Church, Fort Worth, to meet Tom Brackett, The Episcopal Church's missioner for church planting and church re-development. Bring your friends! Congregations are encouraged to send several people willing to carry the message back to their faith community. Sign up here to attend one or both events.
    Read more . . .
  • Trinity Bakers share bread-baking expertise
    Here's your opportunity to learn how to make real bread for your congregation's celebrations of holy communion. Trinity, Fort Worth, is inviting all God's bakers to attend their class on how to bake communion bread. Trinity members Sue Crouch and Mary Holstein will share the secrets of their transcendent communion bread on Saturday, Nov. 12, beginning at 10am in the Trinity parish hall. They, and their able assistants, will be on hand to walk you through the process and demonstrate all the techniques. As an extra added benefit, the bakers will reveal their fail-safe recipe for holiday yeast rolls. To cover the cost of ingredients, the class will cost $10 per person. Sign up here and bring a friend.
  • You can still test drive Webex
    Join diocesan chancellor Kathleen Wells for a live online conversation on Sunday, Oct. 9, 3pm. If you have access to a computer and a phone line, you can watch Kathleen as she addresses your questions and hear her answers in real time, even if you're sitting in Wichita Falls or Hillsboro or your own living room. Join people from around the diocese as we explore this important distance-defying tool. Sign up here and learn more here.

  • Focus NOW on stewardship for 2013
    Have you started thinking about who will lead next year's stewardship campaign? With most congregations in the midst of their annual stewardship campaigns for 2012, plans are already underway for 2013. Laurel Johnston, program officer for stewardship for The Episcopal Church Center will be in Fort Worth Feb. 17 and 18, 2012, to meet with stewardship chairs and congregation leaders, both lay and ordained. Laurel's presentation will offer a strong foundation for stewardship next fall and beyond. Mark your calendar now! Be sure to name your 2013 stewardship chair at your January 2012 annual meeting, and make sure your congregation's leadership attends this important opportunity! And if you need inspiration for this year, check out this site.

  • Diocese continues tradition of generosity
    In approving the proposed diocesan budget for 2012 (which will be considered at diocesan convention), the executive council has urged working toward a tithe (10%) of the operating budget for work beyond ourselves, both inside the geographical boundaries of the diocese and in the wider world. Read more . . .
  • Spotlight on Congregations
    What have The Episcopal Church and the diocesan office done for you lately? The first week in October, 25 clergy living and serving in the diocese will benefit from "Strength for the Journey," the pastoral response offered by The Episcopal Church to re-forming dioceses. Last fall's Strength for the Journey event gathered more than 200 folks from all around the diocese to heal and strengthen one another by sharing their stories. This year our clergy will benefit through a conference designed specifically for them, hosted and led by CREDO faculty. Your priest was invited to attend the event at no charge (to the diocese, the congregation, or the priest), thanks to the generosity and the foresight of The Episcopal Church.

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