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  December, 2012      

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Good News!
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We've celebrated the Feast of Christ the King (also called the Sunday next before Advent) and heard the apocalyptic readings of November. And now we begin a new year, entering Advent as the season of hopeful expectation. As the church year begins and the calendar year winds down, church leaders are preparing for making reports – parochial reports, financial year-end summaries, annual meeting reports to the congregation, and annual financial audits. Plans for congregations' annual meetings are underway, and nominating committees are seeking candidates for vestries and convention delegations. Be sure to watch for mailings and emails from the diocesan office which will assist in making those preparations. And if you have questions or need assistance, contact the diocesan office.

Here are two articles that may help with these year-end preparations:


More Good News!

  • Bishop High to lead executive council retreat
    The diocese's executive council and standing committee will spend Dec. 7 and 8 meeting with Bishop Rayford High, third provisional bishop of the diocese. Much of the working agenda for the retreat will follow up on directives from the Nov. 2-3 diocesan convention. And the bishop is looking forward to the opportunity to hear the thoughts and dreams of the diocese's leaders. Read more . . .
  • Diocesan office ready to receive background check requests
    Be sure to submit requests by Dec. 31, 2012 for your congregation's lay employees, volunteers who work with vulnerable persons, vestry members, and others who manage or handle funds. It's recommended that a congregation name an individual to serve as the "submitter" for background checks, who will keep a roster of requests submitted. Read more . . .
  • Strategic planning continues at Jan. 25-26 gathering
    Donald Romanik, who worked with a group of diocesan leaders back in August, will return to the Diocese of Fort Worth Jan. 25-26 to continue helping us imagine our emerging future. The five work groups created in August will be reporting on their findings about initiatives that might be undertaken in the diocese. And new work will come out of the January session. Read more . . .
  • You can bring 'Celebrate' to your congregation
    "Celebrate What's Right With the World" by Dewitt Jones is a 25-minute production (movie) with a message. Dewitt Jones was a photographer for National Geographic for 25 years, and is now a filmmaker and motivational speaker. If you attended Strength for the Journey, you saw it. It is characterized by the amazing photography and the vibrant underlying messages.   Read more . . .
  • Discover ChurchNext
    Looking for fresh insights to many of the basics of congregational life? Want to learn strategies for growing your church in more than just numbers – in spirituality, in formation, in stewardship, in faithfulness, and more? Need a little inspiration to keep on keeping on? Take a look at the offerings from ChurchNext.   Read more . . .
  • Dates for your calendar
    (For more details, check the diocesan calendar.) 

    Dec. 7-8 – Executive Council/Standing Committee retreat, St. Christopher Fort Worth; 6pm Dec. 7 – 3pm Dec. 8

    Jan. 25-26 – Strategic planning, St. Luke's in the Meadow, Fort Worth; 6pm Jan. 25 – 3pm Jan. 26. August planning group plus executive council, corporation trustees, and Episcopal endowment trustees will meet with Donald Romanik.

    Feb. 23 – Diocesan Altar Guild annual meeting, 9:30 am – 2:30pm, St. Martin in the Fields, Keller – All altar guild members are encouraged to attend

    March 2 – Leadership Workshop; time and location TBD. Leaders and would-be leaders from congregations are urged to attend.

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