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Disaster Recovery Resources

Dn. Janet Nocher is our diocesan ERD coordinator. She may be reached at ERDCoordinator@episcopaldiocesefortworth.org.

Dn. Sharla Marks is our diocesan disaster coordinator. She may be reached at DisasterCoordinator@episcopaldiocesefortworth.org.

Here are some links to other resources to turn to in the wake of a disaster.

  • Episcopal Relief and Development's US Disaster Relief branch
    This site has, for example, there is an article about how to more efficiently do a "windshield assessment" (ie. drive around to assess damage) in a disaster-affected area.

  • The US Disaster Program
    The US Disaster Program has some good resources for a longer-term approach. For example, there are resources for helping dioceses do assessments and make response plans after a disaster. There are also tools for making preparedness plans, which today's events may prompt people to consider (nothing like a disaster or near-miss to remind people it's a good idea to prepare)

  • Local Assistance
    Here is a link to some local resources